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26th September - Entry will open this week

Circuit Address: Lower Baybridge Lane, nr Winchester, SO21 1JN

With the relaxing of COVID restrictions we can now inform you of the following guidance for the coming events.

  • We are so pleased to say that we can allow spectators at this event! We will be charging £5 per adult to spectate and spectators can pay cash at the gate to gain entry to the event.

  • It is not required that you wear a face mask but we do recommend that you do bring one with you and adhere to social distancing wherever possible. 

  • Self contained camping will be permitted on site for riders from 2pm on Saturday 25th September.  

  • No cheques or cash payments on the day. Payments must be made by bank transfer & please do not send your payment until instructed to do so by the secretary.

  • Entries will be accepted in order so sending payment without an entry will not guarantee you a ride.

  • Anyone who is not following the  guidance of our officials may be asked to leave the event this is in the interests of everyone's safety. Abusive or threatening behaviour will NOT be tolerated. 

  • If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 you must not attend this event. If symptoms come on during the event you must notify the secretary of the meeting and leave immediately.
  • Classes - Modern Solo, Vets, Rookies, MR Reunion, 85s (s/w & b/w), Twinshock Clubman, Twinshock Over 50, Evo, Super Evo & Side Cars

The MR Memorial Group is for four strokes only and will be in memory of Roy Penny. The winner of the group will win the trophy and have their name on the Roy Penny Shield.

The Jeff Freeman trophy and prize money will be awarded to the winning over 50 Twinshock rider on the day in memory of Jeff.

Entry for the next event on 26th September is now open.

SIDE CAR CLASS has been added to the entry form.
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Click on the image below to go to DIRTHUB for the race report and results from the last meeting.

We are now affiliated with the ACU and so there will be some changes to the running future events based on guidelines issued by the ACU.

If you do not have a full ACU license you must purchase a one event day license at a cost of £10 as part of your entry and agree to all T&Cs on the Day Licence Application Form which can be >> found here <<

All transponders beginning with ZAJAC. ZAJAA. OR ZAGAA have got to the end of their life and have now died or on their last legs and are unreliable and must now be replaced. These are mainly the grey ones.

These transponders are used at WINCHESTER MOTOCROSS CLUB and HAMPSHIRE MOTOCROSS CLUB so if you are planning to race at any of these events including our event at the end of this month then your old transponder will have to be replaced or you will have to rent one but this must be done prior to the event and NOT ON THE DAY.

To replace your old transponder here is the link and you can buy direct from Race Result, when your new transponder arrivals you must then email the new number. Please make sure you buy the RED one like in the picture below, (DO NOT BUY THE GREY MotorKart ONE)

Those wishing to buy a transponder for the first time may also use this link, but before it can be used it must be registered with the club. uk/shop/ActiveTransponders.php

Should cost between £60 and £70 depending on shipping costs. Good news is send us your old transponder and we will give you £5 for it as we have a recycling deal. Pop old transponder in the post with your name and bank details and bang £5 straight into your bank. Or pop it in an envelope with your details and bring to a practice or race day to drop off. All contact details are on the Hampshire Motocross Club web site


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